After Dark

Hello Lover, 

Just when I thought I couldn't do anything else this past weekend, Saturday night brought about a black and white party to launch the Jay Wells Face Up Initiative: a charity to help raise money for people living with HIV. 
Though I only briefly chatted with Jay, he was such a fun host and above all working hard to provide a  great service to our community.
It was kinda tough to find a black and white outfit in my closet. Honestly, it kinda stressed me out..lol..
anyways, I snapped a few pics of my friends and I, also my mod glasses got around and it ended up being a thing to take pics of my loves in them. 


p.s. last pic... totally an awesome moment for me. That's me and David one of the actors in La Cage aux Folles currently running at Neptune Theatre.  I was an INSTANT fan when I saw him in the play and have seen him a few times around the city but wasn't close enough to stalk him and introduce myself.  Thanx to my friend, the gorgeous William for introducing me! 

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  1. Eeee! I loved this post! I also have been seeing David around town and want to shoot him for Fashion East! I love his style <3
    So awesome to hang with you this weekend Mo! Let's make it more of a habit!
    <3 m