REVIEW: Intimate Apparel

A big THANK YOU to Neptune Theatre for inviting me to see Intimate Apparel.
My Review is as follows.

From the moment Esther (Raven Dauda), the seamstress, starts to turn the wheel of her sewing machine, her unsure stature and seemingly defeated body language immediately draw you to her as you become interested in wanting to know why she is that way. She is a 35 year old woman who has seen many girls in her boarding house come in single and leave to begin a new life as married women.  She is defeated and lacks confidence as she fears she will never marry.  The story takes you through a magnificent journey as Esther, in 1905 New York,  begins to receive letters from a Bajan gentleman, working in Panama, whose words on paper are as smooth as butter.  Being illiterate she enlists the help of Mrs Van Buren, the socialite played by Lesley Smith and Mayme, the prostitute played by Bridget Ogundipe, who both have been adorned with Esther's elegant undergarments, to help communicate with him.
After months of letter writing she agrees to marry George even though her heart has always had a deeper longing for the Jewish man, from whom she buys fabric.
Raven Dauda, who plays Esther, portrays the character in the most attention holding manner.  There were many moments during the play that you could have heard a pin drop as the audience collectively gasped. Dauda played the part with such vulnerability and allowed strength to peak through at just the right moments when Esther needed it.
The dynamic of Intimate Apparel explores the religious, economic and racial divides of that era. These sensitive topics drew us all in and at some points had the audience throw civility out the window as we couldn't help but shout out to Esther to stop her from doing something or roar with laughter during Esther's wedding night.
I smiled with Esther.
I felt the burden she felt on her shoulders.
I related to her feeling of inadequacy.
Most importantly,
I felt strengthened by her journey and how she stood up for herself, despite being stripped of everything she had worked for, in her quest for love.
Even after 2 hrs and 20 mins I, honestly, wanted to see more of this play.
It's been a few days now since I watched it and it's still on my mind and I know that I will definitely be going to see it again with my friends.

Intimate Apparel runs until March 25th at Neptune Theatre

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