Woman vs Snow

Hey Lover, 

Yesterday, a friend from out of town came into the city to have me do her hair. 
After we were done, she wanted to pass by a thrift store before she left. 
So being the nice person that I am (pffff) I showed her one of the Salvation Army Stores.
I had NO intention of getting a.ny.thing but lo and behold I come across the BADDEST blazer for $10.99
I vow to myself that I am walking out with just that until I get to the counter and the very animated lady tells me they are having a "any 5 items of clothing for $15" sale... 
uhhhhhmmmm 180degree turn and I'm fishing for 4 other items.
I was super proud of myself till my happy self walked out and realized there was a snow storm out there.
Halifax weather is THAT unpredictable, you walk into the store with nothing on the ground and when you walk out BAM snow storm.
It was FREEZING and the snow hitting my face felt like little tiny slaps that hurt #sodonewithwinter.
Check out pics of my friends and I braving the snow + what I bought for fiiiiiiffteeeeen dollars + another bunch of thrifted gatherings that I bought with a gift certificate to a thrift store a friend gave me. 

p.s  gift certificates to thrift stores are AWESOME! 


  1. that triangle dress is to die for! love love love

  2. sigh I miss hali and the blizzards :( and second cup white hot chocolate with extra whip cream.
    I love the bazer how many do you have again? lol

  3. AGREED @lalaG
    i miss you Ms Zee... child, I don't know how many i got..LOL

  4. Girl, you found some FABULOUS stuff. Whoa! Those items were definitely worth the sudden snowstorm.

  5. wishes to go shopping with you sometime.. :)