Trying Something New.........January

Hey Lover,

On Sunday, I went to a Halifax Rainmen basketball game with my girl Shariena.

We had a great time and afterwards met up with the best amigo Kwame and grabbed something to eat.

Mongolie Grill is the place for this month's TRY SOMETHING NEW.  I have passed by it SO many times but never been there before.  The concept is pretty cool.  You get a bowl and you pick all the ingredients you want from 20 garden fresh veggies, meats, poultry, seafood and 18 homemade sauces and they grill it for you. The waiter brings rice and mu shu wraps and your choice of soup to complete the meal.

My choices were tonnes of mushrooms, green peppers, peanuts, onions, bean sprouts, baby corn and yummy peanut sauce.

Kwame had this

Shariena had this.

and ended the night by opening up my fortune cookie and believing that the cookie was on to something..LOL

OH BY THE WAY..lol... This is what I wore.

So go check out Mongolie Grill.  Their website is here and they are located at 1645 Granville Street, Halifax

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