a thrIFTY Sunday

Hey Lover, 

I had an easy Sunday. I spent the day with my parental unit aka my mama. 
I've been so happy I've had this time with her, she leaves tomorrow night to head back to South Africa. 
Earlier this week my mom mentioned how she wanted to see this whole "thrifting" thing that I do.. lol.
I took her to Value Village today and got to show her how I ROLL...baahaha
After that we grabbed a bite to eat and checked out a few other stores. 

check out the pics from the day + pics of some of the things I thrifted.

Have a good week Lover, 



  1. I absolutely love the zebras and giraffes scarf it's gorgeous! And of course the earrings are out of this world. You have great taste Mo, it's a gift!

  2. You and your mom are like sisters! You look alike so much! I'm in South Africa, where in SA does she live? Well, I've always thought your thrifting game was boss and I love how you put your thrifted items together. I just love those black shoes!

  3. Thank you @anonymous..
    Thank you very much @voluptuousvixen.. aint she cutteee..lol