REVIEW: Mrs. Parliament's Night Out

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On Wednesday I got the chance to see Mrs. Parliament's Night Out.  I was very excited when Neptune Theatre sent me an email to invite me to see a performance of the play.  After reading the synopsis of the play I was a little intrigued and wanted to see how it would turn out.  They offered me 2 tickets and I decided to do a quick contest and take one of my followers with me.

We arrived at Neptune Theatre and picked up our tickets for some sweet seats on the Balcony.

We made our way upstairs to be able to get to our seats and we were greeted by this spread of food.

Afterwards we went in to take our seats and the show began.  The play ran for 2 hours plus a 20 minute intermission.  The actors were INCREDIBLE.  They managed to captivate the audience with their portrayal of relatable characters.  Almost all the actors played multiple roles and I must say it was with perfect seclusion that each actor transformed into a different role through costume change and morphing into a new persona.  The play was very well written; kudos to the playwright for writing such a witty story that made the audience collectively roar with laughter, sympathize with and root for Mrs Parliament, want to kick Mr Parliament in the shins and share a piece of apple crisp at the diner with the lovable old chaps, ALL at the same time. The play was, all in all, a well oiled machine.  All the scenes of the play flowed into the next with such ease. This indeed was a 2 and a half hours well spent.  

For ticket information visit Neptune Theatre's page for Mrs. Parliament's Night Out.  The play runs until February 19, 2012.  I hope you go out to support the arts at a well established Halifax business and if you do I would love to hear from you!

Below are a few pictures from the play. 


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