The Beauty of the Ugly Sweater

Hey Lover, 

Just wanted to do an outfit catchup. 
Last Saturday I went to a basketball game avec my best amigo Kwame.
Our home team, the Halifax Rainmen, played an amazing game. 
I have missed out on a lot of games. I LOVE basketball and don't know why it took 
me so long to watch a game.  I wore something casual and comfortable.
I can't WAIT to watch another game. If you are in Halifax, go out and support our team!!!

Anyways, check out the outfit. 


THRIFTED - sweater, earrrings, jacket
WALMART - jeans
WINNERS - boots



  1. Welcome to the basketball fan club. I'm stan hard for the NBA. Not so much a fan of college basketball, though.

    Cute sweater.

  2. You're so cute in that clothes. I'm looking forward to seeing my sister wearing that kind of earrings.