Yesterday was a GREAT day!

Hey Lover,
(part one)
I had such an AWESOME day yesterday. 
Last week I got an email from the Downtown Halifax Business Commission asking me to be a part of their Wish List Campaign.  It's a campaign they do during the holidays to encourage consumers to buy local. 
Consumers get to choose something from a local store downtown and add that to their "wish list" and they stand a chance to win money towards buying that item. 
So I went for my photoshoot yesterday shot at J & R Grimsmo (AMAZING store!) with photographer 
Chris Geworsky.  The concept was me sitting on Santa's lap and digging into my inner overly excited  4 yr old kid. (uhhmm that kid wasn't far away AT ALL) 
Check out this behind the scenes video of the photoshoot that I had my friend Shariena take.

and a few pics 

(part two) 

A couple of days ago I got an invite from Emma with The Black Business Initiative to a networking lunch event.  I had to dash to this event after my photoshoot.
What I thought to be a laid back networking event during lunch was actually lunch with 100+ business professionals from major organizations in Halifax who gathered to network and hear keynote speaker Sean Wise whose business mind is IMPECCABLE. 
It was amazing to hear him speak and a big thank you to Emma from the BBI for inviting me to be a part of the event. 
sidenote: the lunch was yummy, you know I had to pull out my blogger card and snap some pics of the food..LOL.

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