A play. Some Food. Great Friends

Hey Lover

Today the best amigo and I had the great honour of seeing our friend, Helena, in a play she was starring in. 
Her performance was AMAZING! I felt so proud of her and so happy that she is following her bliss. 
The play titled "In This World, by Hannah Moscovitch, is a complex exploration of race, class and sex as experienced by two urban, contemporary girls in high school." [source
If you are in Halifax I URGE you to go and check out this play which is running until November 20th.  You have 1 more week to check this play out so what you waiting for? Get yourself a ticket and experience a great play!
For details of times, ticket prices and location click here.
I am SOOOO proud of you Helena and I can't wait to see how far you will go.
Please check out pics of what I wore, the best amigo pretending to be answering questions after the play (loser), some yummy food we had after the play,  and me and my Helena :) 
Hope you have a great weekend lover. Sending you strength to chase after your dreams in this new week.


please don't mind the closed eyes.LOL
also the red blazer deserved a repeat. i LOVE it!

 Food from Q - Smokehouse and Southern BBQ,  a GREAT authentic BBQ spot on Argyle Street 

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