Not ALL Mondays are BLUE!

Hey Lover,

Just thought I'd share with you some of the stuff I got up to on my Monday. 
1.  I'm recovering from a cold and trying to sucker punch this fever in the face. 
BUT a girl has priorities, Value Village had a 50% off sale today LOL.
I put myself together, sunglasses, MAC red lipstick, a turban and some Nyquil and I was off to VV's boutique with the last of my b-day gift card. 
It was PACKED but I soldiered through and found some amazing things. 
2.  I've also been working on my vision boards, thought they needed a revamp, gonna share a couple of pictures with you. Do you have any vision boards of your own?
3. Caught up on some reading too. This month's ELLE Canada magazine with the GORG Emma Watson on the cover and also have been re-reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.
4.  A friend of mine of MANY years also sent me a picture she had taken with her Clutch from my line. This did my heart a whole lotta good :)
5. I have been DYING to share this picture with you. shimmerella and I follow each other on Twitter and her avatar had her in this FLYasHECK blazer! I LUST for this blazer!

despite feeling sick, today was a little piece of Zen.
check out the pics of  the day. 
Hope you had a great Monday!

1.  Oh did I mention I spent under $20 for all my thrifted gatherings???? *happpyy dance*

2.  Vision boards help keep me in tune with my hopes and dreams. VISUALIZE VISUALIZE VISUALIZE

3. reading is sexy..lol

4.  Sooo Gorgeous!!! 

5. How FLY is this?


  1. My sister is huge on vision boards. It hasn't quite hit me yet. Your friend's blazer is sick!