Feature : WhatImWear.in

Hey Lover, 

Just wanted to share with you this mini style interview done on me by the fab people at WhatImWear.in while I was in Toronto.  
Check the video below of me talking about my style :) 
Thank you WhatImWear.in <3



  1. Congratulations on the interview. I probably need some tips from you because you gave clear concise answers and never strayed from eye contact. I recently did an video interview and was a mess! It was my first one, though, but still...complete torture.

  2. honestly i don't think i was breathing vivi.. LOL.. I probably seem calm too because the interview was pretty much impromptu so I didn't have time to panic. HOWEVER, with that said.
    I practice interviews in the shower, waiting for the bus, while I daydream about making it big..haha..strange but true