Toronto Fashion Week: Day One

Hey Lovebirds, 

Greetings from Toronto! 
Monday Oct 17th was the opening day for fashion week. 
The shows were in the evening and I managed to catch 2 shows. 
Things were a little hectic yesterday: A new location caused quite the stir which made for a LOT of cranky people.  I must admit I was cranky too because my friend Bella and I waited in 3 lines before watching out first show. I did realize how easy it was to be complacent when everyone around you is.  I knew I had to remind myself of the journey that it took to get here and I changed my way of thinking.  I'm grateful that I am here!

Check out the pics of my favorite looks from the 2 designers I managed to see on Monday, 
Lala Berlin and Arthur Mendonca. 
Out of the two Arthur Mendonca was my favorite. 
 I loved the colors, the prints, the slits and the cleopatra-esque jewellery  


--> highlight of my first day was meeting Jully Black and her telling me she loved my style :) 

[source] of runway pics is FDCC

a lil blurry... 
Jully Black and I 

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