ME day = awesomeness

Hey Lovers,

Today I decided to have a ME day.  After MUCH thought (exaggeration) I decided to look for new hunting ground AKA a thrift store I had not gone to yet.
After Google search and Google Maps I took a 50 minute bus ride to look for a Salvation Army Thrift Store I found online. 
I jump off the bus and decide to ask this lady if she knew exactly where the place was. 
I come to find out that it's no longer there! *insert disappointed face*
So I decide to walk to a MacDonald's and sit there while I wait for the bus to come around.
While I was walking all defeated and what not kicking pebbles and throwing up angry fists, my spidey senses combined with my peripherals and my Superman-esque vision spotted a Frenchy's.
Frenchy's is also a chain of thrift stores but for some reason I don't know why I hadn't Googled to see if there were any close to the Salvation Army one. 
so I happily skip to Frenchy's and was kinda disappointed by the lack of merchandise in there but being the hunter gatherer I am, I scavenged for some goodness.  I tried on a romper, a dress and a belt but couldn't find the prices anywhere.  I just figured I'd take em to the counter and if it was too much I'd just leave whatever I couldn't afford.
So my picks are rung in and to my very PLEASANT surprise it came to $2.30 
I kid you NOT!!!!!!
My day was MADE. This is definitely one of my best thrifting experiences. 
I've taken some pics of the details of my buys which I can't wait to wear and show you in their entirety.
Also check out what I wore today



  1. I love this picture, please marry me hahahahahahahahaa :) I have that blue belt :) love it mama

  2. I have not seen prices that cheap in years!! where do you thrift shop?

  3. Love your blog you are beautiful and inspiring!
    Could u post advice for curvy girls who are interested in thrift store shopping?

    Adwoa from Toronto