I'm getting to OLD for this..LOL


I don't know if I am the only one feeling this, SERIOUSLY, each time I go out I just feel like a DINOSAUR.
The reality that this new school year is bringing in kids born in the 90s is just an abomination..LOL...and being in a small city with 3 universities within 30 mins of each other, freshman are ALL up in your face like a swarm of gnats.
ohhh gaaawwwdddd... I CAN'T... I just CAN'T!!!
I went to a party this weekend and I honestly was just out of it.  These are the things that were running through my mind. 
1.  what time is it?  1:30am
2.  It's too hot in here... I swear  I just saw the devil walking to the bar to get some ice
3.  It's wayyyyy too packed in here..... how would my brother and I get out if things went awry?...better yet how would I save myself, I'm sure he can fend for himself.
4. I can't wait to get home and get into bed under my flannel sheets and watch my episodes of Necessary Roughness with Mehcad Brooks *drool*
5.  what time is it? *major sideye* it's 1:38

anyyyyywayyyys, here are the few pics I took before I bailed and headed home



  1. Please do not retire this lipstick and what is the name I need to get it before I leave on friday. Merci dear friend

  2. I love the way you wear your hair! You need to do a tutorial or something on all your hairstyles, I can never get it right. Help!
    Purlpe is the bizomb on you!

  3. If you aint got a clutch form clutch culture you aint a cool kid..that is all..as you where!!