The 1 dollar ROMPer

Hey Lovers,

Remember that romper that I thrifted for a $1?? Well, I wore it today!  
I feel a little iffy about it. The jury is still out on the flare of the bottom part. 
I might have to do some adjustments to it .
Also as per the post below, today I tried something different to zhoozh up my blazer. 
I pinned a pair of earrings to my blazer.  However when I got home I removed the earrings and forgot to put them back on the blazer when I was ready to take my full outfit pics.. but I snapped one pic so you can see how it looked.

p.s make sure you stay away from people that give bear hugs.. earrings my poke you in the boob..LOL
p.s 2 this ENTIRE outfit is thrifted!!!!!! how awesome is that!?!!


  1. Coolest, Cutest thrifter/blogger I know! Love the jacket, love the prints on the romper.

  2. you are a stunner! wow and gorgeous, i wish i could find a romper that length in the UK. most come just under the bum, lol.

    you are forever fabulous!