Event Geekery: SEPHORA Launch (updated)

Hey Lovers, 

Sorry it has been a little while since I blogged.  
Last Friday, Aug 12th, I attended the much anticipated Launch of SEPHORA in Halifax. 
My friend Sheriena and I were up at 7am to get ready and be at the store by a little after 9am.
We were sure we would be among the first people to be there, 
we were met by about 100 more eager people that had gotten there before us. 
anyways, I bumped into my darling Danna of Youlookfiiine and she mentioned that Halifax bloggers had gotten invited for a chance to preview the store before customers were let in. 
1. I was sad that I didn't get an invite. 
2. The preview for bloggers didn't quite happen, however Shariena and I ended up going in with the other bloggers. 
3.  They did a little dance before the store opened..video is acting up, will upload at a later time.
4.  I wasn't a fan of the SEPHORA attire. I wish it was more fitted as it wasn't flattering at ALL.
5. I'm TOTALLY excited for Makeup Forever...I might actually be able to find a great shade of foundation. Check the pic below of their foundation section
6. SEPHORA is directly opposite the MAC store in the mall... (low blow) PLUS some MAC people are now working at SEPHORA. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... It's just business!
7.  Sad I couldn't take that many pics of people. The store was PACKED. 



was glad to bump into Sebastien of Sebastien Couture... UBER stylish!

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