Sunday WATERfront Strolls

Hey Lovers. 

I took a stroll along the waterfront on Sunday. It was SUCH a beautiful day. 
Each time I walk the boardwalk I always find myself a little overwhelmed with gratitude: grateful that I am able to experience this feeling of serenity.  I LOVE this city. It will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. 
check out some random pics I snapped while strolling + pics of my laid back outfit


i loved this guy`s tattoo and he was soo good too 

this girl was SOOOOO good.. she had such a great raspy voice 

how cuuuuteeeee are these bikes... $9 bucks an hour rental.. my friends are I are planning on renting a couple out...though the guys are a bit hesitant considering the baskets..LOLOL

I thought these chairs were pretty cool. The restaurant is called The Bicycle Thief

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