A few Past OUTfits

Hey Lovers.

Here are some laid back outfits from the last few days.


This first outfit, which I wore for a fabric store run, has this interesting piece of clothing that I have named the blaistcoat.  It`s a blouse and waistcoat all in one!!!!!... It made me chuckled but I had to have it... It`s actually not a bad look...LOL

This outfit I wore yesterday when I went to Moncton which is about a 3 hour drive from where I live. I went for a networking shindig for New Brunswick Fashion Week which I am going to be a part of in September.  I must say I was UTTERLY impressed by Moncton... Can`t wait to be out there and really check out the fashion scene. I did change when we got there.. but didn`t take any pics :(