Thrift.ED Gather.INGS with Omo

Hello Ladies and gents :)

Omo here!  I hope you are all well and I hope summer has finally come to stay in
Canada or where ever you are. I am all over the world:  well Africa and loving every day of it.
It feels good to be in a sea of people who have the same accent, speak the same lingo, eat the same food, laugh at your jokes cos they understand them.  HA!! the list is endless
oh oh oh wait wait wait braid my hair for cheap!!!!! gosh less than $30bucks for fantastic braids! 
and spending time with family, oh and eating too!!  see I told you the list is endless.

Anyway you know my love for the thrift store, I got this just before I started my world travels
this year and put the ensemble together for a dear friend's pre-wedding dinner. The pencil skirt
is new old stock 7.99, blouse is 4.99, clutch is 99cents YES ninety nine cents, shoes are not 
thrifted, I have big feet and buy all my shoes from Zappos or Amazon, these I got from Zappos 3yrs ago
for 70bucks and earrings are $5 from an african store near me and thats that :)

So darlings do not underestimate the power of the thrift store another friend scored big from Oxfam in 
London UK, she found a Chanel pencil skirt for 7pounds, New old stock Salvatore Ferragamo shoes for 5 pounds
yes 5 pounds and a Pierre Cardin sweater for 15pounds. I'll convince her to share her "loot" :)

God bless you all, enjoy your summer
 talk soon

ciao darlings


  1. Oooh. You're in your country. Awesome. Glad you had a safe trip there. I love me some thrifting. I need to do another round very soon.

    Meanwhile, I tagged you in "What's In Your Bag". Check out my recent post for details.

  2. yes!!! Omo is in naija. i love that girl.. :)
    thanx for tagging me.. (sorry for the late reply)

  3. Everything looks AMAZING esp the gold blouse. LOVE IT :)