The STAsh in my BAG

Hi Lovelies
Vivi of Heart, Print & Style tagged me to reveal what I have in my bag Here is how it works:

1) Take a picture of your bag
2) Take a picture of its contents.
3) Explain!
4) Tag as many bloggers as you like.
5) Don't forget to mention the person that tagged you.

here goes 
this is what I had in my bag today

my trusty camera (never know what I might find along the way)
little white paper next to camera is my bus transfer
my iphone charger
hand sanitizer (all kindsa grossness out there)
my purse
my keys
little note book and pen (to write down any inspired thought while riding on the bus)
trident white (mouth funk minimizer)
iphone (this is just for my music, i actually don't have a cellphone *waits for gasps* yes, i disconnected it 8 months ago now. It's simple i don't need one.period)
m.a.c lipstick
my business cards (never know who you gonna meet, always gotta be prepared)


  1. The business cards are my favorite...a true sign of preparedness. And they are pink!


  2. no CELLPHONE!!!!! *faints*
    but really?????

  3. indeed Megan,
    YES Laurenta.. no celly.. IF and When I ever do need to contact someone when I'm not at home --> a quarter + a payphone = contact..LOLOL