Obsessed with the 90's

Hello Lovers.

I have always been beyond obsessed with 90's fashion.
Lately, I have found myself watching old 90's movies and literally pausing the movie so that I could screen capture an outfit I saw on someone. 
Last night I'd been hit with a dose of insomnia and found myself watching Waiting to Exhale at 2am followed by Boomerang. 
It was during the movie Boomerang that I realized how much I wished that we were currently in the 90's rocking the badass blazers, earrings and big hair in that movie

Check out some of the pics I managed to capture, now be warned the quality is not great but nevertheless great fashion pieces were worn in the movie Boomerang.

I would have LOVED to work in this office. The suits were detailed and fitted to accentuate curves and were dripping with femininity. The strong shoulder padded blazers and color combinations like no other.

the turban on Eartha Kitt as she portrayed the ultimate cougar, Lady Eloise.
Grace Jones' cone lensed glasses.
The pearls, the big hair, the earrings and the print mixing.

the men, the men, the men!!!
From start to finish Eddie Murphy's character was ooozzzing with finesse. The outfits had effortless fluidity and added to the yummyness.
Loved the daring bow ties and the ugly sweaters. 

The tailoring was impeccable. The details were exciting and breathtaking and the diversity in how each personality was dressed was a joy to see.