The GoLd splaSHed Blazer.

Hey Lovers, 

Last night I went to a birthday shindig for some friends and this is what I wore. 
This blazer, this blazer right here, this blazer RIGHT here...is the gospel... LOL
I just wanna hug it and protect it from the evils of the world..hahaha
I don't wear jeans that much, but I've had these jeans from walmart for a few years now and they fit me well. 
moral of the story: walmart has some decent denim basics.


  1. How come I am just discovering you???? I friggin' friggin' love youuuuu!! you are awesome babe!!! and your sense of fashion..mind-blowing! Did I say you inspire me?? Yes, yes, YES(!!!), you do. Ahhh, you're like a breath of fresh air, so refreshing.

    Okay after all of that, I feel like I need a disclaimer of some sort, lol! No lesbo!! :)

  2. uhm finding nemo. well. you're the awesome one. made my day reading this!
    p.s just keep swimming just keep swimming.

  3. You confirm for me with your posts that "fashionista" does not mean buying expensive high end clothes. You can look absolutely fabulous without spending a fortune on clothes. Thanks for reiterating this indirectly with your fashion choices!.

  4. thank God it doesn't. anytime gorgeous!

  5. I love that blazer , I should have met with u in Toronto so we can go thrift shopping . Come back soon