friends ReCONnected

Hey Lovers
Hope you had an amazing Tuesday. 
We finally got some sun today. I kid you not it's been raining since easter in Halifax. blaahhhh
Met up with a friend, Chido, who's visiting Halifax and we got to hang, talk, eat and ended up watching the movie Bridesmaids.
Hi. LA. rious!!!!!!! I LOVEEeeedd IT!!!!
Here are some pics from the day

p.s my hair is a little shorter, I trimmed it last night. Actually I almost cut it all off. I had a moment of frustration y'all..LOL

What I wore
thrifted earrings, shoes, purse, belt and rings / Top my mom bought for me in South Africa / skirt was a dress I converted into a skirt
I left these glasses at my bus stop :( . Best believe if I see someone wearing em,  I will approach em. I am SO mad at myself ..lol

What we ate

yummy baby octopus, my most FAVORITE thing. 



  1. Sooooo very nice. nice. Soooo very NICE :)
    Nyimo.wacho x

  2. hahahha... it was a good time for sure!!! wow can my boobs stay in my top... is that retro enough for Halifax...??/ lol

  3. You both look amazing! Adore your outfits! I love how you transformed your dress into a skirt!! Sorry about your glasses hun!


  4. wait Ms Mo how do you leave your glasses at the busstop again? I cant paint a scenario :S

  5. LOL chido.
    thanx nyimo and Lacara
    I'm still really sad about them Omo. :(

  6. the outfit is niceness.. where did you go for sushi...it looks GREAT!!!