Vintage'ing - Lawrence Market et Queen Street

The next day my friends took me to Lawrence Market in the morning and later on in the day other friends took me down Queen Street to check out some of the vintage stores down there.
Here are a very few candid pics we snapped.

trying to figure out our way around.

my getup.

Omo's shoes which I need in my life.

Omo's purse

Omo's brooch - i think i might start having a thing for brooches

my darling Bella - This is the face of indecision

The belt she died for.

The Solange-esque glasses and the lizard ring (no, Shaunna aint cussing you out..LOL, ring could only fit that finger)

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  1. wait a minute, which store did u guys go to after I left? chai chai chai I see some stuff i want now :)