Vintage'ing - Haute Classics

I got the chance to visit a few stores while I was in Toronto (not as many as I had hoped to.... lol )
After meeting up with my girlies Omo and Tobi we stumbled upon this high end vintage store called Haute Classics. They had some really amazing stuff in there that I DIED for. I loved the setup of the store, it was roomy and most importantly well organized.  The Owner was kind enough to let me snap some pics of this store.  For my Toronto followers be sure to check out this store.

Some of the most gorgeous belts!!!

Unique Purses
Omo and I both locked eyes on this purse. It's shaped like a bucket!!

Loved the shape of this purse. It's Vintage Dior!
Can't go wrong with Vintage shoes

Tobi and Omo holding Loubies
My Addiction!!! earrings:)

Loved the Gold detail on these Versaces

How cool is that? A Gold snake

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