Thrift.ED Gather.INGS with Omo

Hey Lovers,
My darling friend Omo just sent me a Thrift.ED Gather.INGS treat for you all.
Enjoy her little write of her adventures and check out the pictures.
*Dead* for the Ralph Lauren Blazer!!!

big kisses
the curvy geek

I am in sunny California and totally taking advanatage of all the 

thrift stores here. AMVETES is fanfriggingtastic, if you find yourself
in California please check it out.

The purple, teal and Red Ralph Laurent blazer I got from there.
The white top which I totally love and deserves a post of its own and 
the piggy clasp purse which my sister thinks she can covet but I am not budging is 
also from Amvetes, the YSL scarf is from trusty Value Village in Toronto, Canada.

Shades are super old Fendi's AKA mums old sunnies :)
Never underestimate the power and value of the thrift store my darlings.
I love buying separates and have a ton of blazers,  over 20 and counting AND 

I have worn them more than twice, yes!! ALL of them :)

Scarves are a fantastic way to accessorize any outfit yes a lot fashionistas say it is "Old school"  
who cares I love them and use them as belts, necklaces, head wraps, bag / purse straps, purse tie, 
pocket placements the list is endless and yes you have my blessing to go crazy!!!!

Until next time 
Omozele. O

The Fabulous Omo.

Omo's gorgeous and super sweet sister - Sonya.

Hey Lovers,
It's Mo again. So after reading Omo's write up I researched this AMVETS thrift store in California.
So AMVETS stands for American Veterans. As the website says "Located in communities throughout the country, AMVETS Thrift Stores offer quality used clothing, household goods and toys at reasonable prices."
So i'm guessing it's somewhat the same concept as the Salvation Army stores that I frequent here in Halifax.
Here is the link that will take you to the list of stores they have in probably every state in the US.

p.s. if you are in the US and have been to one of these thrift stores, would love to see your thrifted gatherings or hear your experiences. 


  1. hello.... are the bags for sale?

  2. omg Omo, is that the blazer? I LOVE LOVE!!!!The red one your sister has on is equally FAB!