D.I.Y - BREATHE(ing) new life into an old purse

I am BEYOND excited to share my first Do-It-Yourself project with you.
I have decided to breathe new life into a purse I thrifted a while back.
I got the purse for $1.50 and liked how it looked but decided to give it a little more life.
call me `The Purse Whisperer` LOL.. gosh I'm so corny
If you try to do this I would LOVE to see some before and after pictures of your projects.

The Purse Whisperer

Begin cutting small pieces of the fabric to glue onto the purse. I decided to use random shapes and even overlapped them.  I wanted it to look uneven. Apply the glue on the wrong side of the fabric and onto the surface of the purse on which you want to place the fabric piece.  Carefully place the fabric onto the purse surface and press it down to make sure the piece doesn't move.

It`s up to you how much of the purse you want to cover up. I chose to cover up the flap of the purse. Also I like the unevenness of the back of the purse. I was not concerned about making the edge of the fabric pieces even. 

and VOILA......


  1. Hey, Mo -

    This looks amazing, and so is the White/Caramel DIY :)

    I would love to know what this bag would look like/how would one cover the entire thing with material?..


  2. Hey Monica,
    All you'd have to do is keep cutting pieces and gluing them all the way round the purse. What I would have done after the flap is glue pieces on to the back and work my way under the purse and to the front. Hope that helps :) . Maybe one day when I need the purse to change I will glue it all the way..LOL.

  3. I love looking at DIY projects but never try them. This looks like fun to do, will try this at some point.