That thing they call Gratitude.

I find myself being very reflective today, well, it's been ongoing really for the last couple of days.  I've been extremely exhausted but the constant swirl of thoughts has proven stronger than the necessity of sleep. I remember when this year started I said to myself that I wouldn't make a mental list of resolutions that I wanted to achieve, instead I would live by one principle - TO GIVE FAITH A FIGHTING CHANCE.

I remember telling my mom, last year, how I felt like I needed to take a long trip somewhere by myself.  At the time I just felt like I really needed it, just to unwind.  Another thought I had was hoping that in 2012 I would be able to attend a fashion week event.  My sights weren't to be there as a designer doing a show, but as a designer in the crowd and I couldn't see this being possible in 2011 just with some of the personal obstacles in my life. 

Now back to the swirling thoughts of the last couple of days.  I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude.  This year I get to take a long trip.  I've always wanted to take a train and go on a long trip.  I'm over the moon that I get to do this as I make my way to Toronto.  A whole 20-something hour long train ride, filled with the possibility of meeting people, sight seeing, journal writing and opening myself to the universe.  To add a cherry on a cake that already has a big cherry on it (though I hate cherries..lol)  I'm attending fashion week.  A month ago I told you guys of how a designer had asked me to be the accessories to her runway show.  Unfortunately, that designer is no longer going to fashion week this April, so that means my clutches will no longer be on the runway.  At first I was gutted, however I shifted my thinking.  I decided to look at it this way.  I don't think I'd have had the guts and means to go to Toronto all by myself, but when the designer approached me, that gave me the push I needed to see that this dream of mine wasn't that far from my reach.  I still couldn't afford it but my path has been blessed with some beyond AMAZING people that see something and believe in me and have helped make this possible.  I have faith in great things happening in my life and this I count as a great thing.

So in 2 days, I take this trip.  I promise myself to be open to the universe and every possibility that it throws my way.  I promise myself to have a constant attitude of gratitude, to be humble and to absorb as much as I can from those around me.   

positivity. gratitude. love. blessings. friendship. humility. and above all faith.
the curvy geek.


  1. Your positive attitude is an inspiration to many of us. God is with you every step of the way. Enjoy every minute of your trip and stay blessed. xoxo

  2. Good luck Mo, happy fr u :)

  3. I heart you Mo! So nice meeting you today, now I have to get you to move to Toronto!!!
    bless xo