Africa Night 2011

Two universities joined together to bring Africa Night 2011, a showcasing of African culture done by the students.  I was asked to do a runway show and was excited to showcase some of the clutches from my Spring/Summer 2011 line.  I decided on the name "House of Wax" primarily because I went with African wax prints for this collection.  Enjoy this BIG post on the events of the night. Grouped in 3 categories.
What I wore - no explanation here
Model Behavior - me and my models getting ready
The Fashion - People that I came across after the event.

the curvy geek.
p.s. for those in the pictures, thank you for allowing me to take pictures of you. <3


  1. Everyone looked beautiful in the photos! Sad that I missed the show.

  2. love love love! im so in love with prints. wish i was there :(... the styling on the models was fab!

  3. wish u were there too!
    thank you!