what INSPIRES you?

I've always been fascinated by what people find inspiration in.  It amazes me to know that 2 individuals could be looking at the same thing but be inspired to do totally different actions.  Also, it's wonderful to know that there is no end to things that will inspire us all to do something great. 
Today, I found myself asking what it is that inspires me.  I wish I asked myself this question more often, or at least wrote down the things that inspire me as I find them on a daily basis.  About 2 years ago I had a vision board that served as a focal point of my search for immediate inspiration.  All I had to do was look towards my wall and be reminded of the future that I hoped for.  For a reason that I honestly cannot recall, the boards came down.  I wish I knew at what exact moment I decided to take them down then I would know what feelings I had that led me to no longer find inspiration in the boards.

I've decided to re-create my vision boards of where I want to go and inspiration boards of what will help me get there.  The future I've always hoped for still holds a lot of the things I had on my last boards. However, some things have changed that now allow me to see an even bigger future for myself.  Though this may seem great, I still believe that the future I hope for is far from what I'm truly meant to become, as I'm still learning about myself and what I'm capable of.

Here are a few things that inspire me.  I would love to know what inspires you.

geeky inspiration

B. Smith - Restaurateur, Author, Lifestyle & Decor Guru

socially and spiritually conscious music always makes me what to be the best me.
having an awesome circle of creative friends to come up with ideas and believe in each others dreams


  1. I find myself inspired by everything around me: nature, my best friends, passersby, art, building shapes, natural light and bursts of color to name a few. Sometimes I feel overwhelmingly happy because I am so grateful that God gave us so many beautiful things. Keep the inspiration boards coming. I have to expand mine. Check it out on the facebook page.


  2. We sure are blessed to have an abundance of things to inspire us.