Spring AWAKEning

I don't know about you guys, personally as soon as March begins I'm already in spring mode. Eagerly keeping a look out for legitimate sunshine. (And) by legitimate I mean the kind of sun that actually feels warm on your skin, not the kind of sun that so often deceives us in eastern Canada where it's still 5 below (if lucky) and deceivingly bright as heck.  I look forward to noticing small changes, like the random tiny spring pot flowers that tired-of-winter and looking-forward-to-summer home bodies start to put out in hopes that maybe the plants will solicit an early appearance from that stubborn groundhog.

Though March begins tomorrow, I must confess that I have been in spring mode for a while now already.  I have been rocking my bright colors all winter, for some reason I just didn't succumb to the usual darkening of colors this winter.  Here are some of the things on my spring wish list to make one complete spring(ful) look.  I will close my eyes tightly, cross all my fingers and toes and send a big prayer upstairs that I will find all this stuff by my door in a week or two (have to allow for shipping and all..LOL). God knows I'm broke and the sarcastic laughs that come out of my bank account each time I find something I love are just hauntingly mean. *giggle*

Charlotte Russe Side Bow Peep Toe Bootie [here]

Asos Curve Gathered Waistband Dress [here]
sidenote: this is fast becoming my new fav color.

Coming this spring! from Fabiola Bernard [here]

N'Damus Corset Vintage Green Belt [here]
might as well send the hat the model is wearing :)

See how I cleverly gave you a sneak peak to my new clutches??!!??! LOLOL.
soooo happy to give you guys a sneak peak to the new clutches. Hope you like it!!

and just in case my wishes actually do come true, I'm throwing in Tracee Ellis Ross' hair in there too. *green with hair envy*
sidenote: took out my braids today. :)

with a spring in my step
The Curvy Geekster


  1. I love Tracee. She is so pretty and funny on that show Girlfriends.

  2. AGREED! I only wish the viewers had fought for it to come back. Saw a rerun this past weekend and totally wanted more! *sad face*