ME Hair

Despite feeling like death... I had to drag myself out of bed to run some errands.  \o/  <-- angry fists to the freezing temperatures and the cold and flu.

However sick I am, I somehow managed to style my hair and I liked it!  Truth be told I just sit by the mirror and play around with it until I'm satisfied with the outcome.

sidenote: I know people have asked me how it is that I manage to style my braids the way I do.  I wish I could a video for you but I SUCK on camera... I've tried like 15 times to do one and they are all a disaster.  *insert gangsta voice* Ima keep trying coz I can't be punked by no video..LOL...
be patient with me... I will get it.. I promise.

sidenote numero dos: Thank you Jesus for a little foundation, brow kit and some lipstick, without them I looked so crappy. One wouldn't know how crappy I actually feel.