ME daY.

Is there anyone else out there that takes a "me day" once in a while?  I find myself needing those once in a while and some of my best thinking has happened during them.  I took a ME day yesterday and decided to go watch Black Swan.  The movie was intense, but had some of the best acting I've seen from Natalie Portman.  I Loved it!

While on ME day, mind you there was a snow storm, I walked around and browsed book stores, paid close attention while people watching and enjoyed the feeling of every step as I made my way over freshly fallen snow.  My thoughts ranged from what I hoped the blog would amount to, what my next line of clutches will be about to whether I was going to have frozen yogurt at the movies. 

My ME day allowed me to walk in silence and listen and make sense of the scatter in my mind.  It forced me to answer some questions I had of myself and replace the scatter with some structure to my thoughts. 

When I got back home I was still in that peaceful and pensive frame of mind that so many great ideas came to me and I ended up coming across such a BRILLIANT project that a photographer is doing for this whole year to deal with some issues in her past. Check out some of my favorite ones so far. Click HERE to see the rest of January and to keep up with her for the rest of the year!!!

be INSPIRED!!! (I truly have been)

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