The Day in Pictures

Some of you may already know if you have me on Facebook.  My clutches are going to be the accessories for another designer during the smaller shows at Toronto Fashion Week. I'm UBER excited. Hope I make it to Toronto.
One day I will be one of the bigger names. *GRIN*
Adele's New Album is all I've listened to today. The song Someone Like You has played probably 15 times
Had to do a quick thrift store run to finish up the clothes for my models for an upcoming show for my new clutches.
sidenote: this blazer tickled me...LOL. I think anyone that leaves a piece like this needs to leave a picture to show us how they rocked it... *dead*
perhaps I should be sick more often, I've been coming up with some nice swanky hairstyles.  This flu is still kicking my butt. I'm so over it already. Just like how I'm over this winter already. I'm sure you can tell from my colors how much I'm ready for spring!!


  1. congrats hun. So excited for u. I'm sure when ppl see ur work at the shows u will b one of the bigger names in no time.

  2. I love Adele's album one of my fev songs is Rumour has it.
    Congrats on your achievements my love.You have and always have been a shining star now go get em tiger-ess lol

  3. thank you darlings!
    indeed the album is deadly!!

  4. THAT BLAZER THAT BLAZER THAT BLAZER ..... That is all! ... OH and Congrats again :)

  5. oh thanks for introducing me to adele.....perfect sunday tunes <3

  6. @ Helena - i know i know i know ... lol thanx :)
    @ mana - most welcome.