The Curvy Geek vs Heels

- we are diminished to walking like neanderthals.
- our toes are forced to overlap each other in the clamminess of this tight enclosure,
- we lose control of our ankles because we are depending on heels that are somehow starting to lean towards the ground.
- our knees are forced to buckle jump to limit the pain crawling up our calves.
- we crave for a counter to lean on just so we can wiggle our ankles and perhaps even get a wondrous few seconds of freedom
-  we lose posture because we just can't stand straight any longer and end up looking like Aunt Jemima with her butt out in the air
- we pretend to snuggle up to our boyfriends just so we can lean on someone stronger just even if its for a minute
- we try to keep up the emotional walls like we are not hurting and walk cute only to wobble and lose control of our bodies.
- we are forced to carry our "backup flats" or our "driving shoes" just so we can escape this sole(ful) slavery

\o/  <-- hands raised in utter frustration

Heels have been my nemesis for far too long now! I'm at the point now where I'm thinking of where I dream to be in this fashion industry and I'm feeling the need to surrender and embrace the heel more and find something that works for me.  I don't think I will feel glamorous by wearing flats if I ever make it to any big events.  I mean I would be overly content in my flats *bunnies and teddies falling from the heavens and hi5ing a million angels* but would I feel that glamorous??

Apart from just the general high level of uncomfortable, heels have their own little war that they wage on the thick girl.  I know that I have worn some stilettos in my lifetime and honeyCHILD did I wobble like a bobble head.  Not only am I a thick girl, but I'm also tall, so that's another war I'm dealing with.  The sad truth is that when some really cute shoes get to my size, they just don't look as great as the smaller sizes.

So what does a 5"11, thick and curvy girl gotta do to be comfortable in heels?? Well, here are some tips that have proved to be a good starting point.

1. Wear Wedges
- easier to walk in than stilettos
- make heavier ankles appear thinner but adding shape and definition

2. Wear shoes with a thick heel
- more heel to balance on

3. Shoes with a mid-sole Platform
- enhances basic body shape
- eliminates some of the height of the heel

All shoes in this picture are from www.torrid.com

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