Baby Bumb Curvy-ness

A very dear friend of mine is expecting her first baby, and her being a fab chica, I decided to do this post in her honor.  Pregnancy give us women some extra curves and may make it difficult to feel like a fab momma to be.  There are some stores that do have Maternity Collections for the fashion savvy mommies-to-be.
Here are some of my fav pieces that I have come across.

confession: I do shop in the maternity section ... *looks away*
they honestly have some really comfy jeans ..LOL... I hope this is a safe area where I can share my doings.. *giggle*

Stores to Explore while in Baby-Bump land
www.asos.com [Maternity Collection goes up to UK20 plus there is the Asos Curve Collection up to UK26]
www.isabellaoliver.com [goes up to UK size 18 and US size 20]
http://www.bellablumaternity.com [has both a petite and a plus size maternity collection]

Tabacco Jersey Pencil Skirt from Asos [click here]

I'm a sucker for this French Connection jumpsuit at Asos!! [click here]
can't go wrong with harem pants, uber comfy [click here]


  1. Love this, *tear, thanks you my friend!

  2. Mo, I won't lie, I've found many a bargain at the H&M maternity wear section (especially during the Christmas sales). Honestly, some of the gems that these yummy mummys get to wear are so Sunday-brunch-with-the-girls perfect. Leggings, belted up (or the faithful waistcoat), flats, chunky ring & Bob's my uncle :)