Totally geeky MuSe(ic) Monday.

This week's Muse is none other than Nina Simone.  When I go through all the Nina Simone albums I have, I literally experience all kinds of emotion.  Her songs are filled with the words that a strong black woman needs to empower hemself. Her sultry voice, the tone of her skin, the confidence that oozes out of her when she plays the piano, her gorgeous hair, and the way she carried herself make for one uber SUPERWOMAN! 

She's was one bad mama jama!!!
I Salute you Nina Simone, for not only singing the illest rendition of my most favorite song in the whole world, but for inspiring me and showing me what real music is through out the 40 albums that you made  AND being the music behind my mom and I's MANY jam sessions and road trips.  You truly are the "High Priestess of Soul"

Here are other Nina Simone songs, i truly LOVE them ALL but will only put another 2 up. There are just wayyyyyy to many favorites. *bliss*   *running in a field of daisies*

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  1. I love, love me some Nina Simone and her daughter is also very talented.