The Sonsy Excursion pART 1.

Adj.1.sonsy - (of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves
sonsy, sonsie [ˈsɒnsɪ]adj -sier, -siest Scot, Irish, and English dialect

I've decided to do a series of photo shoots fittingly titled The Sonsy Excursion.  The Series will consist of 5 parts.  I will style and photograph curvy girls in some of the pieces I have come across as I thrift my way to utter bliss.  Thrifting gives me such a high and many times I find pieces that I can't fit but would love to use in putting together a great look.  Hope you enjoy the series.


Jumpsuit, Earrings, Scarf, Belt- Thrifted
Shoes - Model's own
Gloves, Navy Blue Leggings, Bonnet - Ardenes
Ring, Brass Cuff, Vintage Cat Eye glasses - Suzy Shier
Briefcase - Borrowed from a friend :)

Model - Rajean B. 
Make-up/Styling/Photography - Mo Handahu


    I knew I wul love! I don wer to begin about wat I love... EVERYTHING.... yes I actually love everything, from the fiery bright belt to the earrings, to the absolutely sexy gloves and ring that makes it look 'muah', and I love her shoooes lol! even the briefcase! sighz!
    I love u MO HANDAHU! (& I love ur exquisite taste! If we eva do meet again, I want u to dress me up n 'shoot' away!)