MagicALLY Cool MuSe(ic) Monday.

Fellow Geeks,

Today is Muse(ic) Monday.  Hopefully I will attempt to do this on most Mondays.  I'm sure EVERYONE has music that speaks to them at every point in life's journey, be it good or bad.  My Muse of the week will be the British Indie Band - The Noisettes.
I don't even remember when I came across this band, but I remember being totally enamored by the lead singer Shingai Shoniwa.  Though I am a little biased because, like me, she has Zimbabwean roots, it was love at first because her style is just utter genius.  So yes, I have a girl crush on her (giggle) (kicks imaginary pebble)..LOL..  (will have to do a later post on her style)

So here are some of my favorite songs from the band...I have chosen some live, acoustic performances because I love the energy of the band and I love the versatility of Shingai's voice.  I hear their live shows are INSANE...seeing them live is definitely on my life list.

I salute you, Noisettes, for being a muse to me :) 

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