CONTEST: What Being Curvy Has Taught Me

 1. You have to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

2. Be an official follower of the blog.  What are you waiting for? click the follow button if you haven't already!!(bottom right)

3. Write a few lines letting me know what you have learned from being curvy.

4. Find the fiercest pic of yourself.

5. Hi5 yourself & send it all to clutchculture@gmail.com.  Subject Line should read:
First Name and Last Initial. Give yourself a nickname(fun!!!) Curvy Geekery Contest 1

e.g. Mo H .- The Thickness (giggles) - Curvy Geekery Contest 1

6. All entries must be received by Friday February 4th, 2011 at 11:59pm.  Winner will be announced on Saturday February 5th, 2011

SIDENOTE:  I acknowledge that I have followers who are not in Halifax, fear not, I will have other contests that will be open to everyone. 



  1. n for umm.... not so curvy ladies too!

  2. Hmmm Where did my comment go.....So not fair Mo are you screening me? I said I am curvy in spirit does that count?

  3. this is the first comment to show up for you. dunno what happened there. They post automatically, they are not screened first. (sorry).... uhmm send it in :) ..LOL..