The Sound.TRack of mY Li.FE - part 1

Music has played such an immense role in our lives.  A song has the power of instantly taking you back to a specific moment when that song took what you were feeling to a whole different level.  Music tends to do that, and I love music for that! So for my first music post, I'll go with the women that have helped me put words to feelings, soothed my achy heart and empowered me to be an individual.

When I first heard my most favorite song Nina Simone - Please don't let me be misunderstood [click here], I felt so soothed by her tone though goosebumps ran through my body. I felt like a part of who I am was being poured out so eloquently by someone else who had no connection to me! I am SOO grateful to my mom for introducing me to Nina when was I was a teenager.

Oh Man!!! I remember the first time I listened to Solange - Cosmic Journey (feat Bilal) [click here]. I felt so calm. The vibe of the song was so engaging that when it ended I kinda felt cheated only to realize that the song was 6:12minutes long, which is way more than regular songs.

You ever hear a song that just makes you wanna hi5 and *sportsguy shoulder bump* the artist? I sure have *quite a lot of times I must admit!!..LOL.. it's lame, I know!!!. I felt that way when I listened to Rox - The Memoirs [click here] Album... I mean her voice is utterly decadent and the album is pure solid from the first word to the last note.

Now I know for sure I'm not the only person that "believes" that they have a personal relationship with Ms Lauryn Hill hahaha. The woman has managed to hold the position of best album I own since 1998 with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. [click here]  The artistry - the wisdom - the wordsmith on this album, in my opinion, hasn't been rivaled by any MC. (that is all...LOL)

Ayo - Dow on my Knees [click here] was such a wonderful experience when I first listened to it.  The acoustic guitar was sublime and the voice that followed was butter.  Her lyrics are to the point, make you pay attention and at the same time give you this peace that helps you to drift away. 

The first time I came across Nneka - Africans [click here]- I'm sure I raised a Hallelujah Church Hand and stood up.  Trust me, I tend to be a little over dramatic about things I truly love and I love that about myself. Anyways this song held my hand and spoke to me while the beat led my head to a little rocksteady. Such an amazing voice with such a powerful message to convey.


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