All I want for Christmas is........

.........some MAD winter style..
I must confess, being in Canada and experiencing some really cold weather, I've just settled for warm clothes and never really bothered to dress up that much, as I counted down the months till spring to let the diva hang out! But NOT this winter, I wanna be fab warm, HA!
So what does it take to be fab warm?!?!

a fab coat
I've always gravitated towards Black Coats, so this winter I vow to explore and bold colored coat!!!!  Your coat has to be so fab, that people are wondering what fab clothes you have underneath it!! 

                      [click here]                                          [click here]                                                 [click here]

cute boots
I've always gone for the flat boots, but hellooo cute boots!!!!
(confession: I will wear these if the weather is decent, will stay in for snowstorm days..HA!)

      [click here]                                                      [click here]                                                [click here]

instead of simple plain cardigans, upgrading to some cardigans with character..a little bit of lace and yummy prints.

 [click here]                                             [click here]                                                             [click here]

chunky socks
pairing chunky socks and boots is a definite staple in my fab warm winter campaign!!
here are some pics of the pairing + Gucci's sock/shoe combo
big statement scarves, bold colors and quirky styles!!!

all these chunky cowls can be found on Etsy [click here]
and the printed scarf in the middle is from Forever21 but no longer online.

and for Christmas and New Years, I would like these dresses from the Monif C. Holiday 2010 Collection!!!! (please and thank you)


 [click here]

[click here]


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